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ExxonMobil is happy that there is a renewed focus on the manufacturing industry as a whole. Banerjee’s spoke about his experience in China where the company has played a big role in ensuring that they use the best quality raw materials in lubricants, while taking care of environmental and productivity issues.

ExxonMobil is banking on the government to offer sops to the manufacturing industry, which will enable them to branch out and expand. While it mainly stressed on the power and steel industry, it is now working at strengthening its foothold in the automotive lubricants segment in India.

Banerjee said, “The growth of manufacturing in India will coincide with the growth of the small and medium sized industries. An exhibition of this kind is where we get to meet the small manufacturers.”

While the manufacturing and machining industry has great products made available by companies like us, they come into play only when there are issues to address, such as environmental concerns or productivity.

ExxonMobil has been present in India for a while now and is present across the spectrum of industries such as automotive to industrial to motorcycle oils. It has the strongest presence in the industrial sector.

Citing some of the advancements in lubricants, Karnik said the company has changed certain things for the automotive industry as it uses more of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials. It plans to introduce products that consume less energy thus making the pumps run more efficiently. However, the industry, on their part, must look at buying genuine products and not a mix-and-match. This allows the unorganised sector to thrive, while affecting the quality of their machines in the long run.


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