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Features, Imtex 2015

EMAG Group’s products and solutions displayed at IMTEX 2015, grabbed many eyeballs. “At the moment the international demand is looking at India.Driven by the change in the new government, trust has been reinstated,” shared Andreas Zieger, director, EMAG India. One of the trends that Zieger noted was that customers are shifting their production base to India. He also pointed that there are requests for high-end technologies like electrochemical machining.

“Under turning machines, we have small competitors in India who sell ‘me-too’ products. Our strength gives a little edge to our productivity for the end customer,” he added. Zieger shared that EMAG invests a lot in R&D. “We are also on the lookout for companies in-line with us and should be able to offer unique solutions for special and complicated parts. Success is a combination of getting in new players along with investing.” Speaking on EMAG’s product ranges and development, he commented, “We have introduced standard modular systems in the market. Research shows that single cell operation is much more flexible and beneficial than special purpose machines or sophisticated and complex machines. So EMAG has been developing modular concept machines. At the moment we have turning vertical machines in different sizes which has standard automation,” he told.

Going forward, the company is eager to integrate special technologies, in addition, into modular concept. “So that our end-customer in India can clearly select technologies, and can determine whether they need complicated automation or just want to, because of cost reasons, ramp up the production to have modular production, handled by manpower instead of complicated automation,” he observed. He feels that India is a price-sensitive market. “Our products are priced high, and here we have a tough competition.” In India, the company’s major focus is localisation of its products. “On the other side, we want to increase the knowledge-base of our teams so that we bring the knowledge to our customers. Technology is our key area and we get innumerable requests from defense and military sectors. We have seen some momentum now compared to last year in our business. I hope it continues and we wish to have a lot of international clients,” he concluded.


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