Doosan Machine Tools exhibits 7 products at IMTEX 2019


Doosan Machine Tools Co participated in IMTEX 2019 and exhibited 3 turning centres, including a high end and best-selling model in the Indian market, as well as 4 machining centres to proactively respond to the rising demand in the Indian market.

In IMTEX 2019, the company presented two of its best-selling models in the Indian market – PUMA V8300, a high-productivity vertical turning centre and VC 430, a high-speed twin table vertical machining centre. LEO 1600, an affordable 2-axis turning centre was unveiled in India for the first time and DEM 4000, a 40 taper & 5-axis machining centre.

Two additional models were presented for the first time in India and they are the DVF 5000, a premium 5-axis machining centre, and the PUMA SMX3100ST, a multi-tasking turning centre.

Considering the auto industry’s rapid increasing demands, the company will exhibit auto parts and aluminum wheels to draw attention from visitors with its new models and solutions.

“Through IMTEX 2019, we presented new models customized for the Indian market and solutions for the auto industry, which will create added value to increase market shares in India, and to be a true global brand.” said Jaeseop Kim, CEO of Doosan Machine Tools.

The New 5-Axis DVF 5000

Doosan Machine Tools featured the DVF Series of compact 5-axis machining centers. The DVF Series takes its place in the company’s lineup of vertical machining centers specifically designed for cutting diverse and complex shapes.

The DVF 5000 comes standard with an 18,000r/min integral 40 taper spindle. A FANUC 31iB5 CNC controller makes full 5-axis simultaneous control possible, giving complete contouring capabilities. It also features a 500mm diameter (630mm option) built in rotary table. DVF 5000 offers a diverse range of tailored options and automation that make them ideal for unmanned machining. They come automation-ready and supplied with an optional/retrofittable AWC (Auto Workpiece Changer) which provides additional productivity by offering up to 12 pallets to feed the machine for unattended machining.

PUMA SMX2600ST, a multi-tasking turning center featuring enhanced efficiency by adding lower turret

 Doosan Machine Tools demonstrated its PUMA SMX super multi-tasking turning centres, which come with a lower turret for enhanced versatility and productivity. The turret is available on both the 10” chuck (PUMA SMX2600ST) and 12” chuck (PUMA SMX3100ST) models.

Doosan’s PUMA SMX Series is a twin-spindle, multi-tasking turning centre built for completing complex parts in a single setup. Both turning spindles feature 0.0001° resolution on the C-axis for high precision contouring. The PUMA SMX series features a new turning and milling function equipped with a 12-angle high-rigidity servo-driven turret, in addition to the left and right spindles, B axis, and multi-purpose milling function, giving it a more powerful multi-tasking machining ability, while machining time can be reduced by up to 75% when producing small numbers of diverse items. In addition, turning, end milling, face milling, drilling, and tapping performances allow the operator to speedily machine every desired shape.

Best Value Compact Machine, LEO 1600 & DEM 4000

Doosan Machine Tools presented LEO 1600 (6-inch class lathe) and DEM 4000 (BT40 taper spindle and 400mm long Y axis) to target entry-level customers’ simple cutting duties. With unnecessary provisions removed and affordable prices, these models will help create a new customer base from those who are starting a machining business or those that desire simple machining capabilities.


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