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Siemens has announced a new digital enterprise industry solution for the electronics industry, following several recent major investments by Siemens to serve the industry. The software engineering and ALM solution specifically addresses several of the critical product development challenges associated with the increasing consumer demand for connected smart products: increased security threats and privacy issues and risk management on products that incorporate internet-connected sensors. It also addresses the need for quality teams to incorporate accelerated testing processes in order to keep up with rapid software development technologies such as Agile software, Scrum and continuous delivery, while still maintaining or improving product quality.

Integrating application lifecycle management (ALM) software with product lifecycle management (PLM) software allows companies to effectively manage traditional product development cycles and the software used to control these products.
Creating the ability for software and hardware engineers to work as part of the same team allows for true product co-engineering as well as implementation and measurement of product and software process improvements. This solution helps multi-discipline development teams to achieve end-to-end efficiency and productivity and also enables traceability across hardware and embedded software configurations in all lifecycle phases, which allows for enhanced product quality and efficient change management.

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