Crane runway rail survey


An innovative and unique device has been introduced into the Indian market by global crane giant Konecranes, to prolong the overall lifetime of the runways through a unique device: RailQ. The product is a state-of-the-art rail survey providing 2D and 3D graphs of runway rails and identifies misalignments and other problems. It offers optimal recommendations for corrective options and cost-effective solutions. Cranes should travel or track along their runway rails with a minimum of skew and without binding. Improper tracking leads to premature wheel and rail wear, resulting in costly repairs and down-time as well as inefficient and sub-optimal crane operation. RailQ is an advanced laser survey technique that utilizes a proprietary remotely controlled robot trolley, Roborail, which runs along the rail collecting and feeding information to a total station laser tachymeter. The information is processed by the company’s proprietary analysis and visualisation software producing interactive reports that help visualise the problem areas.

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