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Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd recently launched the MAGNA3 circulator pump. The pumps are designed for circulating liquids in heating, domestic hot-water and air-conditioning and cooling systems. Designed for commercial hydronic applications, MAGNA3 is an energy optimised variable speed wet rotor circulator that features a permanent magnet motor design. It cuts power consumption up to 85% through its innovative ‘Autoadapt’ function, which automatically analyses the heating system, finds the optimum setting and then continuously adjusts its operation to changes in demand. The pump is also equipped with the new ‘Flowadapt’ control mode that reduces the need for pump throttling valves. In addition, MAGNA3 pumps are extremely flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life and no maintenance requirements. They are fitted with radio communication (15 mts from line of sight) and can offer external control and monitoring via expansion modules.

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