B&R India under a new leadership


Jhankar Dutta takes over as the new Managing Director of B&R India from 1st January 2018. Jhankar brings extensive experience of 16 years in industrial automation especially in machine and factory automation in different Industry verticals. Jhankar began his B&R career in International Sales at Austria and subsequently he was heading one of the major offices of B&R India.

PV Sivaram who assumes the role of Non-Executive Chairman for B&R India will support Jhankar. Since B&Rs inception in 1998, Sivaram has led the company in India with great success.

Jhankar completed his Engineering in Electronics and communication and started his career as an automation sales engineer in 2001. Over the past years, he has worked with various products and solutions in different customer segments in multiple roles like product and project sales, project management, business development and other leadership roles. His 16 years of experience has been in automation, which is full of field experience and close association with customers. He has worked closely with customers and has been successful due to his customer centric approach. He also is professionally qualified in business management, which has helped him to understand customer needs in a better manner.

Over the years, B&R has consistently grown with customers playing a vital role in its success.  “Technology is rapidly evolving and B&R is leading the industrial automation market to deliver breakthrough solutions, which brings greater value to our customers,” says Jhankar. “Together with our customers, we want to pursue our goals and objectives and consolidate our future,” adds Jhankar. His dynamic nature and customer centric approach aims at helping customers build more productive, faster, efficient and green machines and factories.


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