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Features, Imtex 2015

German-based Blum-Novotest Group is a well-known developer of measurement and testing technology. In India, Blum-Novotest Measuring & Testing Technology is a subsidiary of Blum-Novotest. BV Shyam, MD, Blum-Novotest Measuring & Testing Technology said the current sentiments are quite positive and have an optimistic mood. “We have got the energy to work with the industry, and there is a positive sign in the last one year. So we are looking forward for more growth.” Shyam feels that, in India, the automotive industry has to take a better shape.

“The aerospace industry is doing very well and there is big scope in India. The commercial side of it is already picking up as long as the projects are released from the government. Otherwise, commercial vehicles cannot see a big boom,” he opined. The Blum-Novotest Group has three different business divisions namely measuring components, measuring and testing technology and Novotest division engineering. At IMTEX 2015, Blum displayed solutions that still seem to be missing in the manufacturing industry. “We are also focusing on enhancing or updating the tools and technology. So we can bring about solutions with technology that will help increase productivity, quality and dependability of the systems,” he remarked.

“For example,” he said, “implementation of probing system will eliminate the dialing process, which is elementarily done in the industry. It is time consuming and also depends on the accuracy of the personnel. Manual intervention is very high. So this system can’t work for too long. The integrated system has the capability to enhance the product quality and reduce the time and cost, thereby bringing down the rejection rates. So the overall efficiency of the system drastically improves.” Shyam says that product innovation is always industry-dependent. “We need to study what the industry is looking for and bring it to pass. For example, we have a scanning probe which can scan and understand the roundness or the form of the component, which is a new introduction from our side.” For Blum, R&D has always been the backbone. “The industry feedback is continuously fed to our R&D teams and we are developing interesting products required by the industry,” he opined.


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