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The stall at BFW saw a constant stream of visitors and Raghavan could not have been happier. According to him, the market is bound to move upwards as demand for high-end machines rise.

The company has been receiving requests for more and a variety of solutions and volumes in terms of equipment. It was also the same thought process that the team of BFW had when introducing technology into the country.

BFW introduced a range of new machines for the first time in both milling/turning and complex solutions. Customers are not happy with plain vanilla solutions. The company unveiled its IRIS software platform designed to make manufacturing efficient and cost-effective “It is on the lines of Industry 4.0, and the machines have the ability to talk to the entire ecosystem. And are always live,” adds Raghavan.

He believes that the industry needs to move to smart manufacturing. Moreover, the manufacturers need to understand that buying one smart machine will not do the trick. All the other machines in the manufacturing units need to be smart, or will have to be made smart.

There is a misunderstanding that investing in technology is expensive. But few know that installing small sensors can help them go on live. The company is targeting SMEs with some of its smallest machines. Smart is not only for large companies, even small companies can adopt them because the gains will be much higher. He offers a simple definition of Industry 4.0: When all the machines talk to each other, it is Industry 4.0. Nothing complicated, he says with a smile.


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