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Henkel Adhesive Technologies India held a Structural Bonding Conference for its customers, where they also launched the Loctite Hybrid Adhesives amid much fanfare.

Henkel Adhesive Technologies India, a fully-owned subsidiary of Henkel AG & Co, recently conducted a Structural Bonding Conference at Pune’s Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre. The event witnessed participation from more than 150 of Henkel’s customers from across industries. There were presentations by Henkel experts and representatives from Graco and IEEC, Henkel’s partners in adhesive dispensing solutions and surface preparation respectively. Later, customers enjoyed a first-hand experience of the Henkel Structural Bonding solutions as well as solutions from Henkel’s partners Graco, Kuka and IEEC.
Pradhyumna Ingle, business director, general industry, Henkel Adhesive Technologies India, spoke about the evolving world of adhesives where Henkel is developing solutions that challenge all limits.

It was then time for the much-anticipated launch of the Loctite Hybrid Adhesives – LOCTITE HY 4060GY and LOCTITE HY 4090. These next generation universal structural bonders are powered by a patented hybrid technology — they combine the best of structural and instant adhesives, resulting in unparalleled strength, speed, durability and versatility to solve a wide range of design and assembly challenges.

“Typically, adhesives are replacing conventional methods all over the world. There are various reasons for that; they allow dissimilar materials to be used, they make the assemblies lighter, they make assemblies more aesthetically appealing, they are more cost-effective, and they are more reliable. Henkel has a very wide range of adhesives, and uses more technology than anybody else. At the same time, we want to challenge ourselves to produce the next generation of adhesives. So, that’s what we unveiled today,” proclaimed Ingle.

The launch highlighted the various ways in which designers and OEM engineers can improve their assembly process by using these innovative adhesives. A live demonstration followed, wherein a 70mm cross-section assembly was bonded using 0.3g of Loctite Hybrid Adhesives, in front of the audience. This assembly was allowed an hour to cure. Post curing, a load of 624kgs was hooked to the same bonded assembly and pulled up with a crane. The assembly successfully pulled up the weight, to the amazement of the audience.

“The demonstration witnessed today shows the capability of the adhesive. Just 0.3g of adhesive lifting 624kgs, with a safety factor of 5.8 times, proves that it could have lifted much more weight,” stated Ingle of the adhesives that have come to India barely two months after their global release.

“We are increasingly finding that India and other emerging markets are no longer laggards when it comes to new designs. In fact, in many industries, we see that countries like India are actually challenging the established markets, whether it is in terms of cost or design. Therefore, design engineers in India are looking for materials that are available globally, and they have become more demanding as they want to create products that are specific to the Indian market. As a result, we don’t want to delay bringing in the right products and solutions to India. In fact, we want to work with our customers to develop those products,” concluded Ingle.


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