Boiler India 2020

A platform for boilers manufacturers to showcase their technological prowess

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To address the demand for Boilers in the industry, BOILER India show was organised with the support of Directorate of Steam Boilers, Maharashtra State. For manufacturers, the event offered a platform to showcase their products and technologies and meet & greet the industry customers. Many leading companies participated in the show. Thermax displayed its capabilities as ‘One Thermax’ offering a comprehensive range of utility solutions right from energy generation to dissipation -   heating and cooling equipment, turnkey power plants, waste heat recovery units, systems for water and wastewater management including wastewater recycle, air pollution control and performance improving chemicals with a focus on sustainable offerings. 

Highlights of the display comprised an actual Shellmax Global Boiler, a smart and compact boiler with international standards; biomass-based heating solutions; in-place sewage treatment and other water treatment solutions; efficient steam accessories and a range of chemicals for special applications.

Apart from physical exhibits, a series of captivating visual displays were showcased, such as making and shipping of the largest battery of modularised boilers from India for the biggest refinery in Africa; IoT solutions for boilers and chillers as a game-changer and simulated working of high technology products.

Speaking about the trends in the industry, Rajesh BC, head TBWES services, Thermax said, “There is clear trend towards sustainability in the industry. There is a demand towards utilising waste heat, waste energy which is available in any process and convert into a usable utility, such as steam, hot power or chilled water. Secondly, there is also trend of efficiency improvement. This is important for us from the service point of view. We see customers who are keen to improve the equipment’s performance.”

Highlighting the IoT enabled boilers range, Rakesh Tripathi, global head-heating business, Thermax said, “We have recently launched a module for IoT. The IoT enabled boilers come with inbuilt sensors, which send large amount of data to operators and supervisors. This data enables the user in many ways. And one the important functions one can achieve through this is predictive maintenance.”

Niranjan Shastry, sr. vice president-marketing, ISGEC Heavy Engineering also observed the trend towards green products. Speaking about it he said, “We have around 14–15 different types of boilers. Our latest products are developed considering demand towards sustainability. Our latest range includes municipal solid waste (MSW) boilers and strong fired boilers. These strong fired boilers are made to curb pollution in India. The source of such pollution is stubble burning. We have developed technology to burn the stubble efficiently without polluting the air while having the additional advantage of generating power through it. Its a modern, state-of-the-art technology that earn revenue for the user.”  

Vivek Bhatia, MD, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industries India said that BOILER INDIA is the perfect place to showace the company’s technological prowess and innovations. Speaking about the market, he said, “We did well in 2019 especially in the power business. We witnessed positive trend towards boilers with high performance. We bagged large number of orders in waste, heat recovery & also in the CFBC space. The unique capability that we have is the ability to cater to the customers having space constraint. This boiler has smallest footprint in the industry. So it has been accommodated and fitted into tight and complex plants. These orders were from industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals. I foresee the same trend continuing and I feel we have gained momentum for ourselves.”

Continuing further he mentioned that “Due to environmental norms, people are moving away from ENBC boilers to CNBC boilers. The other big trend we observe is of improving efficiency.”

Ketan Kirad, area manager steam engineering group, Forbes Marshall mentioned, “We displayed entire range of boilers at the show. The display also included steam distribution accessories, condensing recoveries, steam utilisation accessories, etc.” Speaking about the market conditions, he added, “The market has been good for us. We expect it to grow further in 2020. Gradually demand is rising this year.”

Further he added that “The environmental norms are opening up new avenues for us. We are in touch with our existing customers and we are approaching our customer on proactive basis, checking all the products that we have supplied. We have termed this exercise as asset care management. This helps in many ways – maintaining machine ensures that it remains sustainable. Also, being in touch with customers regularly helps us get new orders from them whenever they are expanding capacities or replacing old equipment.


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