Developing right fit customisation

Varun Bhartiya, Co-Founder & CEO, nCircle Tech speaks about how the company is helping customising solutions as per their workflow.

Varun Bhartiya, Co-founder, nCircle Tech
Varun Bhartiya, Co-founder, nCircle Tech

What does nCircle have to offer the manufacturing industry?
Our core offerings like 3D visualisation, CAD customisation & plug in development, Interoperability solutions, PLM implementation and an in depth understanding of variety of CAD platforms have been the bedrock on which we have been able to build an impressive portfolio in manufacturing, comprising of global giants like Dassault Systems, Siemens, Misumi. We work closely with CAD ISVs like Siemens, Dassault Systems as their extended R&D arm. At the same time, we work with their end customers in implementing and developing right fit customisation based on their workflows. Now armed with the force of Machine Learning we have developed in-house solutions like Automated Feature recognition, CAD Voice assistant to create smarter workflow automation helping companies adapt to Industry 4.0.

How is design software poised to disrupt manufacturing processes in the next few years?
Integration of AI/ML in creating software solutions are redefining what engineers can do. Modern engineering is becoming increasingly complex. One promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping engineers to use complex tools and harness vast data sets effectively. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the foundation of advanced engineering.

In order for engineers to prepare for Industry 4.0, when factory automation, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, transform the way we work, engineers should prepare to adapt to the latest tools available to them and learn how to work alongside robots and machines advising them. Many of the tasks engineers are responsible for, such as design and simulation, can be enhanced with the support of artificial intelligence tools. Consider how Computer Aided Design (CAD) was once just a supplemental tool to engineering, and today it is a fundamental part of the daily workflow. These tools will help improve the capabilities of engineers and make it possible to explore design and weight-saving options that weren't possible before.

For e.g.: Almost all mainstream CAD programs are now  employing AI-like algorithms to identify the best shapes for the designer’s stated purpose, whether to reduce weight or to counterbalance the anticipated stress. For engineers, artificial intelligence and machine learning might cause the tasks they do to evolve, but it can also help them do things they weren't capable of before.  Another way artificial intelligence can support engineering tasks is to break down silos between departments and help to effectively manage data to glean insights from it. AI programs can provide automation for low-value tasks freeing up engineers to perform higher-value tasks. By using machine learning to discover patterns in the data, machines will be incredibly important to help with engineering judgment. Free humans to do higher-level tasks as well as take over jobs that require the unique skills of humans that don’t even exist yet.

Who are your current clients and how are they spread across the world?
Siemens, Misumi, Dassault Systems, Hitachi, Bematrix, Machine Research are few of our clients from the manufacturing domain, having a good spread across USA, Japan and Europe.

Please list out the core service areas that nCircle has to offer manufacturing industry clients and your business model
Manufacturing Workflow automation, CAD Plugin Development and Customization, 3D visualization, Machine Learning in CAD, Consulting and Advisory are a part of our core service areas.

We develop IP for our clients by playing the role of their extended R&D. Just like most of the IT services company, we work on Fixed cost as well as Time & Material Mode of engagement based on the type of requirement. There have been few cases where we worked with a client and co-owned the IP along with our client.

Our product offerings include –
•         ML powered automatic machining feature recognition
•         Predictive UI Solutions for CAD Applications
•         Optimized Heterogeneous Object Bin Packing using AI for 3D Packing/Printing
•         NLP based CAD Voice Assistant (Like Alexa, ok Google)
•         ML Based OCR

What are the challenges you face in delivering your services across the globe, are Indian client expectations differ significantly from their global counterparts?
We have been lucky to work with all the global companies from our domain. We work closely with their Indian subsidiaries as well. In our experience, the challenges and expectations across the globe including India are similar. If you deliver awesome client experience consistently, the customer will be happy whether it is India, US or Japan.

What are the top 3 trends that you feel will change how manufacturing industry will impact our lives in the next decade?
3 trends that we envisage are as below –
•         ML powered generative design will open design options that were unimaginable before
•         Mass Personalization
•         Increase in quality of the goods delivered and reduction in cost due to automation of repetitive and manual processes, saving man hours and reducing human errors


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