Hyundai launches India’s first fully electric SUV, KONA Electric

Advanced lithium-ion battery with 39.2kWh offers impressive driving range

SS Kim at the launch of KONA Electric.
SS Kim at the launch of KONA Electric.

Hyundai Motor India has launched India’s first fully electric SUV, KONA Electric. ‘KONA’ Electric is named after the idyllic west-coast region of the Big Island of Hawaii. The KONA region is famous among endurance triathletes and thrill-seeking travellers, and this energetic image is further reflected in the innovative and distinctive design of this eco-focused SUV.      

KONA Electric’s exterior styling features, voluminous, aggressive body styling, complemented by wide stance for great looks and confident handling in a variety of urban and adventure-oriented driving environments makes it unique.

SS Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India, said, “India is ushering into a new era with clean and connected mobility. As we embark on the journey of India’s future mobility, KONA in India will be a revolutionary and a definitive forward move to change the perspective towards electric cars altogether.”

The KONA Electric is the new normal as it is the first long range green SUV with 452kms/charge (ARAI certified) enhancing the customer confidence towards electric mobility. The electric SUV showcases strengths of its SUV model combined with advanced innovative technology of an electric powertrain.” he added.

KONA Electric employs refined aesthetics with organic geometric body forms and sporty contours for a modern, eco-oriented appearance. Its design is reinforced by the car’s voluminous, futuristic body styling that emphasises its well-proportioned, dynamic silhouette. A wide stance complements its profile, with a long wheelbase and short overhangs, ensuring sporty, nimble handling and control, in addition to delivering superior driving stability at highway speeds. Its refined, aero-tuned wheel arch and rear fascia cladding combines powerfully with futuristic LED lighting to create a high-tech eco appearance.

The front of KONA Electric presents a modern and futuristic design. The unique front grille with intaglio patterns sets it apart from conventional vehicles. The front bold stance is complemented with the unique graphic element on grille giving distinctive and cutting edge design along with the spilt type headlamp set-up creates an iconic image. The electric charging port is seamlessly integrated with this grille area for convenient, head-in parking at charging stations. The front view is flanked by aero-tuned flared fenders that enhance its road presence. It’s further enhanced by a separated-headlight design signature, with LED daytime running lights above and high-efficiency LED headlights below. The visual relationship between the composite lamps, the futuristic grille and unique side cladding results in a distinctive electric SUV.

In keeping with its modern design demeanour, a number of extroverted color variations allow buyers to further express themselves by choosing colors such as Phantom Black, Polar White, Marina Blue, Typhoon Silver and Polar white with Phantom Black Roof.

The KONA Electric on-board charger is capable of a 7.2kW rate of charge for rapid recharging characteristics. KONA Electric estimated range is a segment-leading 452 kms/charge (ARAI certified), meeting the varying needs of owner lifestyles. An 80% charge can be achieved in 57 minutes with DC quick charger (zero to 80 % charge @ 50 kW), using the CCS Type II charging port, while a 7.2 kW Level-II charger takes 6 hours and 10 minutes. For charging convenience, the charging port is located in the front grille area for head-in parking ease whenever charging is needed.

KONA Electric offers differentiated driving modes (Eco+, Eco, Comfort and Sport) optimise torque distribution, tailoring KONA Electric to a variety of driving preferences and purposes. In Sport mode, there is a greater emphasis on acceleration, while Eco+ and Eco modes progressively prioritize range over performance with more conservative power-delivery and deliver maximum Electric Range by brake regeneration.

The KONA Electric powertrain employs a powerful and highly-efficient 136ps permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor powered by a high-voltage 39.2 kWh advanced lithium-ion polymer battery. The motor develops 40.27 kgm of torque distributed to the front wheels giving an impressive acceleration of 0- 100 kmph in just 9.7 seconds. The battery system has liquid-cooling technology and battery pack has high energy density.

KONA Electric’s motor-driven power steering is more efficient than traditional hydraulic systems, reducing typical parasitic losses from ancillary belts and their continual drag on the powertrain. Further, the steering system is engineered and tuned specifically for KONA Electric’s precise and rapid adjustments in steering feel with changing driving conditions. The steering wheel itself offers a wide range of tilt and telescopic adjustment for greater driver comfort.
5. Exhilarating & Innovative Technology

Customers will be provided with two chargers along with the car – A portable charger and an AC Wall Box Charger. The Portable charger can be plugged into any normal 3 Pin 15 Amp socket and charge the vehicle. This charger can top up daily running of 50Kms in less than 3 Hours. Whereas AC Wall Box charger (7.2 kW) can top-up charge the vehicle within 1 hour for running 50kms.

Hyundai Electric Vehicle selling dealers will support the customer for installing the sockets at customer’s premises and also provide charging demo to the customer. The installation support for customers will be provided through its partner Allianz Worldwide.

For providing fast charging facility, Hyundai is working with IOCL to develop infrastructure at select fuel stations in select cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai). 


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