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Process Industry Sectors

A cracking deal

IG Petrochemicals has metamorphosed to being india’s largest manufacturer of pan and is now charting international territory. by Jayashree Kini-Mendes There is a tendency amongst people to judge a company

Process Industry Sectors

All systems go!

Manufacturing of rail components have advanced to incorporate plenty of technology and safety features. by Jayashree Mendes By some measures, india’s railways are booming. Although the network continues to remain

Process Industry Sectors

Keeping Cool

The coolants & lubricants industry addresses tribological issues arising from continuous use of machines to help manufacturers enhance productivity and return on investment. Considering the huge investments in capital equipment

Pharma & Packaging Process Industry Sectors

The proof is in the pack

Get to know the packaging trends that are making rounds in the pharmaceutical industry. BY TEAM MT How comfortable would you be taking a pill out of a box rather