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Automation Sectors

The new vanguards

Automotive engineering strives to bring safety, design and innovation to the fore by Team MT The world of design and engineering in automotive has been captured by augmented reality and

IT in manufacturing Sectors

On Cloud Nine

Migration to ERP 2.0 is not without challenges, but companies will enjoy major improvements across their value chain. by Mitalee Kurdekar Organisations who have embraced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) know

Machine Tools/CNC Sectors

Taking Shape

Competitive manufacturing costs and increasing technological prowess after 100% FDI allowance are making India’s heavy engineering sector a magnet for customers. by Mitalee Kurdekar The Indian heavy engineering sector has

Material Handling Sectors

Tougher Casting

Materials with high thermal fatigue resistance are tougher than usual steels. Machining them cost effectively is a challenge. by Bindu Gopal Rao With state-of-the-art tooling facilities, the die and mould

Cutting tools Sectors

Tech Talk

With drilling & boring taking place at critical stages of manufacturing, manufactures are investing intelligently in technologically superior cutting tools. by Bindu Gopal Rao The cutting tool industry is moving

Cutting tools Sectors

A cut above

Evolving customer needs have led cutting tools vendors to include innovative and industry-specific solutions in their product portfolio. by Mitalee Kurdekar “Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need

IT in manufacturing Sectors

Passing the Test

By offering a suite of features & advanced technology, Testing & Measurement (T&M) equipment makers are ensuring maximum returns on customers’ investment. With Indian manufacturers looking to gain a competitive

Process Industry Sectors

Keeping Cool

The coolants & lubricants industry addresses tribological issues arising from continuous use of machines to help manufacturers enhance productivity and return on investment. Considering the huge investments in capital equipment

Machine Tools/CNC Sectors

Rebalancing act

Ask the experts before you invest in a new machine tool. The right kind of tool will go a long way. It is a common sight at manufacturing plants to

IT in manufacturing Sectors

The third revolution

No manufacturer worth his salt can progress without a strong backend technology There is a critical link between manufacturing and economic growth. For every Rupee spent in manufacturing, another Rs