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Aerospace Features

Locked and Loaded

defexpo 2018 held in chennai saw participation from large companies, and hundreds of smes and msmes. international companies showcased mind-boggling equipment. india was not to be left behind. by jayashree

Automation Features

Machine Matters

Although automation & robotics applications are on a steady rise, manufacturers still grapple with concerns about job losses, safety of humans working alongside, and security of data. by mitalee kurdekar

Features Heavy Engineering Sectors

Digital transformation is a trend that OEMs cannot afford to ignore

With the industrial sector evolving at break-neck speed, the role of operations and information technology is becoming increasingly important for smart manufacturing production. In fact, digital transformation is changing the

IT in manufacturing Sectors

Race to the top

Automotive and component makers are repeatedly turning to r&D to bring in excellence with each model. by Jayashree k M The auto expo 2018 was nothing short of a display

Die & Mould Sectors

Moulding Expectations

With innovative solutions on offer and a view to produce for global markets, the Indian die & mould industry is poised for the expected rise in demand. by Bindu Gopal

Cutting tools Sectors

Cut Out for Growth

With new materials to machine and evolving customer needs, drilling & boring tool vendors have their work cut out for them, yet are aiming for sustainable growth. by Mitalee Kurdekar

Machine Tools/CNC Sectors

Plans worth Airing

Factory expansions and innovative technologies are helping ELGi Equipments in their quest to become the world’s second largest air compressor manufacturer by 2027. by Mitalee Kurdekar Whether it is the

Cutting tools Sectors

The Right Cut

Indian cutting tool vendors are effectively dealing with the challenge of continuously enhancing business requirements for speed, cost improvements and enhanced productivity. by Mitalee Kurdekar It is a well-known fact

Defence Manufacturing Sectors

Opportunity Strikes

The country’s conglomerates are throwing themselves into arms-making. smaller companies too are joining the fray. by Jayashree Kini Mendes It has been reported that if one pays a visit to

Aerospace Sectors

Open Skies

With the push for favourable policy and technological capabilities, global OEMs are seriously considering India as an aerospace destination. Is it India’s time to soar? by Mitalee Kurdekar There is