Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Newly launched product, FiberFix, claims to provide a permanent solution to industrial plumbing-related problems.

FiberFix India has recently launched FiberFix, a revolutionary product for the plumbing industry, with applications ranging from industrial to residential & commercial use. The makers say that the product has been successfully used across more than 24 countries such as the USA, UK, UAE, Indonesia, Australia, and so on.

FiberFix combines industrial-strength fiber and specialised resin into a wrap that will bond to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a permanent fix. Using FiberFix, consumers can fix things that either could not be fixed before or could not be fixed inexpensively.

The company aims to introduce the product to Indian manufacturers to help them avoid breakdowns, which causes delays and hinder the progress of the company. The universal product can be used on all kinds of materials including wood, metal, plastic and many more. It is therefore suitable for both the industrial sector that sees a lot of plumbing issues, as well as the residential & commercial sectors.

How it works: Simply dip FiberFix in water to activate the specialised resin and then wrap just like tape. Within about 10 minutes FiberFix hardens with incredible strength and rigidity. Where duct tape and other types of tape may provide a short-term band aid, FiberFix provides a permanent fix.

Product description: It comes in three sizes – 1”x40”, 2”x50”, 4”x60”. Each roll is considered a single use item. Each roll comes in an air-sealed pouch. Once this pouch is opened, the wrap needs to be used right away. Each roll comes with a pair of gloves which adds convenience in working with FiberFix.

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