Kirloskar Canned Motor Pump – i-CM

Kirloskar Canned Motor Pump – i-CM

Kirloskar Canned Motor Pump (i-CM) pump, categorised under i – CAN pumps series, caters to industries such as refrigeration (cold storage), ice plants, chemical and process and windmill. i-CM pumps are mainly used for pumping hazardous fluids such as radioactive coolants, corrosive and noxious liquids (free of suspended solids and particles), liquefied gases, etc.

The pump’s compact, lightweight yet sturdy design with less number of components ensures that it minimises assembly and dismantling time and occupies less space. The pump is hailed as a step-up from the conventional mechanical seal pump category, which requires heavy maintenance. It comes with innovative features, such as optimised stator & rotor design, apart from its compact size, 80% lighter body than conventional canned motor pump, and includes seamless stator band, off the shelf terminal box, three in one adapter plate, optimised bearings & sleeves, and improved aesthetics and application base bearing wear monitoring system. Besides, it is known to reduce assembly time by 50%.

Product Range:
• Delivery Size: 32 to 50 mm
• Capacity: 4 to 80 m^3/hr

• Head: Up to 60 metres
• Speed: 2900 rpm
• Temperature: Up to 90°C (standard)

• Casting: The casing has axial suction and top center line delivery with self- venting design. Smooth hydraulic passage ensures high efficiency. Delivery flanges and supporting feet are cast integral with the casting.
• Impeller: The impeller is of enclosed type. Hydraulic balancing of impeller is achieved by balance holes depending upon magnitude of axial thrust. The impeller is statically and dynamically balanced.
• Shaft: The shaft is supported between Carbon Graphite bush bearings. The critical speed of shaft is sufficiently above the operating speed. The shaft is critically machined and grounded to maintain concentricity. There is a common shaft for pump and motor.
• Wear Rings: Replaceable wear rings are provided on Casting and Impeller
• Bearings: The Carbon Graphite Bush Bearings are used to support the whole assembly. Bearing lubrication is done with the help of same liquid which is to be pumped
• Thrust Washer is provided to absorb axial thrust
• Direction of Rotation: When viewed from suction-end, the direction of rotation is anti – clockwise
• Motor: Motor is mounted on same shaft of pump. Type of starting for motor is Direct On Line (DOL). Motor class of Insulation will be “F”. Motor comes with 415V/3 Ph/ 50Hz supply. RTDs or thermostats connections are provided in each phase of motor to monitor winding temperature continuously

Constructional Features:
• Seal-less and glandless design
• Eco-friendly
• Integral Motor design
• Ease installation
• Less space required for foundation
• Compact in construction and light in weight
• Integral adaptor plate
• Less number of parts
• Integral rear cover and rear bearing housing
• Good aesthetic design
• Stator band can be manufactured with the help of seamless pipe
• Quiet in operation
• Centerline delivery self- venting
• Back-pullout type design
• Flange drilling: ANSI class, 300 FF
• Auxiliary tapping: NPT
• Performance testing standard: ISO9906 Gr.2B
• Interchangeability of components
• Special alignment is not required due to mono- block construction
• No external lubrication is required for bearing
• Motor is protected from liquid with the help of the can provided on the Stator ID and Rotor OD

Value Added Features:
KBL offers multiple “value added features” including advance monitoring systems with pump controller (temperature indication, discharge/suction pressure indication, vibration and dry run indication), alternative material for impeller and pump casing and alternative bearing material that ensures long life of the pump.

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