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“Manufacturing sector has been an early adopter of apprenticeship”

Sumit Kumar, VP, NETAP, TeamLease Services, on the rise of building human capital. What is NETAP? How has it evolved over the years? National Employability through Apprenticeship Program (NETAP) is

Automation CAD/CAM Interviews

“Industry 4.0 means a world where everything is connected to everything”

Pradeep Agarwal, senior director – cloud at Oracle, explains how ERP is changing the world of manufacturing. What do you mean when you talk about the term Industry 4.0? Industry


Llending a patient Ear

Ambi Parameswaran is a Brand Strategist and founder of An ad industry veteran, Parameswaran was till recently the CEO and ED of FCB Ulka Advertising. He now reads, writes,


Reducing Energy Costs through Industrial IoT-based Smart Energy Management Solutions

By R. Venkateswaran  In most manufacturing companies, energy costs can be as high as 40-50% of the operational costs. While these numbers are industry specific, any focus on reducing the


Cloud is a Great Facilitator”

Rajkumar Munot, GM, R&D – FAID, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC INDIA, on why innovation is important. In the last year or so, what are some of the advancements in factory automation systems?


“Such savings help keep manufacturing in India competitive”

Conrad Latham, GM, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, India, tells Jayashree Mendes the investments the company has made in improving energy efficiencies. What are some of the applications of air compressors


A Cut above the Rest

Prashant sardeshmukh, Director & VP, MMC Hardmetal India, explains the radical innovations to have come from his company. Mitsubishi has invented some radical tools in terms of technologies. Could you


Making the Cut

Ramakant Reddy, MD, LMT Tools India, highlights what sets the company apart and its roadmap for growth in the Indian market. By Mitalee Kurdekar How has India been performing for


A Cut Above

Jay Shah, MD, Tungaloy India, explains how they are poised to handle India’s evolving demand for new-age cutting tools. How big is India as a market and what is your


Safety first

Suhas Baxi, MD, South Asia, Konecranes, is working tirelessly to ensure that not only his company employees, but also others, are making safety at the workplace a priority. What does