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Aerospace Features

Locked and Loaded

defexpo 2018 held in chennai saw participation from large companies, and hundreds of smes and msmes. international companies showcased mind-boggling equipment. india was not to be left behind. by jayashree

Automation Features

Machine Matters

Although automation & robotics applications are on a steady rise, manufacturers still grapple with concerns about job losses, safety of humans working alongside, and security of data. by mitalee kurdekar


Quality Time

Product & service quality are key differentiators for Indian OEM users of industrial bearings, whose vendors are grappling with ways to keep spurious goods makers at bay. by Mitalee Kurdekar


Brain gain

R&D is the pillar on which manufacturing stands. A company with a strong focus on R&D and innovative products will face a lower attrition rate. by Jayashree Mendes Everyone talks


Advantage Steel

With steady demand from the automotive industry and many infrastructure projects in the pipeline, things are looking up for the steel industry. by Bindu Gopal Rao Ratings agency ICRA has


Cloud Manager

Today’s robust ERP solutions are essential for manufacturing companies to map and integrate a range of critical processes, and further manage them through Cloud Computing. by Mitalee Kurdekar “I don’t


In the Fast Lane

Having experienced success locally, India’s automotive & ancillary auto components industry is now chasing attractive export markets to further its growth. by Mitalee Kurdekar The automotive industry in India is

Features Heavy Engineering Sectors

Digital transformation is a trend that OEMs cannot afford to ignore

With the industrial sector evolving at break-neck speed, the role of operations and information technology is becoming increasingly important for smart manufacturing production. In fact, digital transformation is changing the

Cover Story Features

Voice of the Vanguards

Pioneering professionals from leading manufacturing companies divulge their strategic plans for 2018. by Jayashree Mendes & Mitalee Kurdekar CEO speak It helps when manufacturing companies talk about what they do,


Leading Light

Ajay Saraf, business head, professional lighting, Havells India, shines the spotlight on how the company’s strong manufacturing setup and innovations are helping it climb its way to the top. Interviewed