IT in manufacturing

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IT in manufacturing Sectors

On Cloud Nine

Migration to ERP 2.0 is not without challenges, but companies will enjoy major improvements across their value chain. by Mitalee Kurdekar Organisations who have embraced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) know

IT in manufacturing Sectors

Passing the Test

By offering a suite of features & advanced technology, Testing & Measurement (T&M) equipment makers are ensuring maximum returns on customers’ investment. With Indian manufacturers looking to gain a competitive

IT in manufacturing Sectors

The third revolution

No manufacturer worth his salt can progress without a strong backend technology There is a critical link between manufacturing and economic growth. For every Rupee spent in manufacturing, another Rs

IT in manufacturing Sectors

Land of the giants

India has a large number of defence manufacturing companies with cutting-edge technology. but orders take their own sweet time to come by jayashree mendes There’s been a burgeoning demand from

IT in manufacturing Sectors

No factory is an island

Companies are adopting better and advanced technologies to spruce up manufacturing processes extensively – by jayashree Mendes Last month at a trade fair away from home, one company that develops

IT in manufacturing Sectors

The perfect match

Big Data and IoT are driving new businesses in India. BY TEAM MT Today we live in an interconnected world where people, objects, companies and devices stream information constantly across