TaeguTec is supplying new PCD milling inserts, diamond coated solid carbide end mills and drills for effective machining of composite materials. Composites, such as CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) are 70% lighter than steel and 40% less than aluminium alloy. For aerospace, in particular, CFRP is a very popular material because of its reduced weight, which equates to higher fuel efficiency. These new tooling solutions satisfy the unique cutting conditions of difficult materials as they have been designed to combine the specific grade, required geometry and high technology diamond coating for processing composite materials. The PCD type indexable inserts are specially designed to prevent surface delamination of composite materials. Diamond coated solid carbide end mills come in the following types: RRFE type (splitter router); RCFE type (multi-flute router); RCOM type (left and right hand helix type); and RDCF type (low helix type). Grades TD 830 and TTD610 offer excellent wear and abrasion resistance along with superior edge quality and thermal stability.

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